About CookSimplyCook School

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CookSimplyCook cookery school established by Ali Migliorini in 2016 at Home Farm in the village of Welcombe on the North Cornwall and Devon Coast in stunning unspoilt countryside.

Ali studied Food Science and has spent over 20 years gaining skills and experience, preparing menus and developing recipe concepts for worldwide guests with demanding requirements. Inspired by the South West’s superb local food producers, her passion for cooking blossomed and is now also influenced daily by the fast pace of the ever growing healthy eating food scene.

Our goal is to inspire as many people as possible to eat wholesome food and be empowered with new found confidence to experiment in their own kitchens.

Enriching our bodies with nourishing natural ingredients is key for longevity and we strive to share this knowledge with our students.

Whether you come as a seasoned cook or not, it really doesn’t matter as our recipes are straightforward with fast and easy methods to inspire you to be ever more creative.

We can’t wait to share this food experience with you all - so let’s get cooking!