Healthy Eating For The Menopause

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Eating for midlife wellness is crucial - the Menopause is not an illness but very much a natural part of life. However, sometimes it can be a really difficult and confusing path to navigate. But there’s hope - by consuming the right sort of food groups and trying to move daily, in some form or another - it’s well documented that this is the best natural way to approach midlife wellness. An insight into how you can alleviate and to some extent, prevent some of the more extreme symptoms through diet and lifestyle.

Course Highlights

  • Natural ways to reduce symptoms
  • Types of foods we should include in our diets
  • The emotional chapter and lifestyle concepts
  • How to naturally approach the Menopause

Food demonstration to showcase the ease of putting together a variety of recipes both sweet and savoury that will bring wholesome natural healing benefits that are known to alleviate symptoms. All recipes are easily prepared using just a knife, chop board, grater and pair of willing newly inspired hands. *Note - if you do own a blender or food processor then the preparation process is likely to be even quicker.


  • Cookery demonstration
  • Tastings
  • Lunch or supper
  • Group discussion
  • Course notes with recipes

Course Prices

£50 pp - Scheduled dates and groups of 4+
£60 pp - Private course for 3 people
£70 pp - Private course for 2 people
£90 pp - Private course for 1 person

Course Dates

Tue 13th Aug 202410am-1pm
Other Dates10am-1pm
Other Dates6pm-9pm
Private CourseTime TBA