Nutrition for Sport

Antioxidant Salad Bean Roast Breakfast Pot Dressed Cauliflower Steaks

Would you put bad fuel into your car and expect to see a great performance? Then even more important to consider the way we fuel ourselves and our expectations. If we compromise our bodies eating foods lacking essential nutrition, then how can we possibly expect to feel energised to an extent where we can perform at our very best.

This particular workshop is all about my personal tried and tested approaches to fuelling myself and many friends for general day to day training, long distance running events, walking, canicrossing and cycling. All of these recipes are also totally acceptable as part of an everyday wholesome eating regime too.

Course Highlights

  • The importance of sports nutrition
  • What and how to eat when training
  • The balanced plate
  • What are the main food sources for energy
  • How to create nutrient dense recipes
  • Essential store cupboard staples

Food demonstration highlighting just how easy it is to create all important energising and system nurturing recipes for pre-post training and recovery with restorative values. All recipes are easily prepared using just a knife, chop board, grater and pair of willing newly inspired hands. *Note - if you do own a blender or food processor then the preparation process is likely to be even quicker.


  • Cookery demonstration
  • Tastings
  • Lunch or supper
  • Group discussion
  • Course notes with recipes

Course Prices

£45 pp - Scheduled dates and groups of 4+
£55 pp - Private course for 3 people
£65 pp - Private course for 2 people
£80 pp - Private course for 1 person

Course Dates

Other Dates10am-1pm
Other Dates6pm-9pm
Private CourseTime TBA