Healthy Cakes & Breads

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A great day’s workshop understanding how to bake incredible cakes and breads that are not only delicious, nutritious but also super easy to make as well. We make some of our most powerful memories through food and drink - baked goodies are always pivotal to any important celebration and what Ali teaches in this workshop will also be how to adapt classic family favourites and hopefully introduce you to some new recipes and ingredients too. It’s an opportunity to learn new baking skills plus have those all important questions answered.

Course Highlights

  • How food affects us physically and mentally
  • Research on refined sugar and its affect on our gut biome
  • Nourishing sweet natural ingredients
  • How and where to use natural sugar alternatives
  • Fast and easy bread recipes
  • Lunchbox favourites
  • How to detox those store cupboards

Typical Recipes

  • Figgy bread
  • Superfood protein loaf
  • Sweet raw vegetable and fruit salads
  • Cashew cream
  • Wholesome portable snacks
  • Vegetable based cakes
  • Sweet nutty seeded loaf
  • Irish soda breakfast


  • Hands-on cooking all day
  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Tastings & late lunch
  • Group discussion
  • Course notes with recipes

Course Prices

£80 pp - Scheduled dates and groups of 4+
£90 pp - Private course for 3 people
£110 pp - Private course for 2 people
£160 pp - Private course for 1 person

Course Dates

Other Dates10am-4pm
Private Course10am-4pm