Healthy Eating For The Menopause

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The Menopause - another one of life’s potentially overwhelming paths to navigate. Stop press - the upside is you can support yourself through diet alongside lifestyle changes too, it’s just knowing where to start. This day will provide you with ideas that can kick start that enthusiasm to continue on this new path of natural medicine through food. You’ll have access to lots of new recipe ideas, we will use an array of medicinal natural ingredients, talk about overhauling those store cupboard staples + receive lots of powerful knowledge on how food can positively boost your mood too. Cooking alongside Ali, there’s plenty of opportunity to discover more about the many healing benefits of herbs + spices. Definitely a day to explore if you are looking for a natural approach to the menopause.

Course Highlights

  • Nourishing health boosting recipes
  • Ways to naturally reduce menopausal symptoms
  • The importance of eating a varied diet
  • Trigger foods
  • The emotional chapter
  • Balancing lifestyle with a wholesome eating regime
  • Wellness for everyday and longevity

Typical Recipes

  • Nut butter raspberry smoothie
  • Nourishing refined sugar free granola
  • Black forest overnight oats
  • Midlife spice mix
  • Superfood menopause tea loaf
  • Banana oatmeal energy bars
  • Salted maca tahini fudge
  • Balinese dhal
  • Asian chopped salad
  • Easy chapatis
  • Bean dips


  • Hands-on cooking all day
  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Tastings & late lunch
  • Group discussion
  • Course notes with recipes

Course Prices

£80 pp - Scheduled dates and groups of 4+
£90 pp - Private course for 3 people
£110 pp - Private course for 2 people
£160 pp - Private course for 1 person

Course Dates

Other Dates10am-4pm
Private Course10am-4pm